Online Donation

POOKAR is a US Based 501 C(3) tax exempt , non-profit organization

We accept all major credit cards as well as checks and money orders. Please click here for information if you prefer to send a check.

Your donation will change the life of someone less fortunate.


Health Care

$ 1 a day($365/Yr)

Patient Expense for a year
$ 50-100Save a life in Emergency ward
$ 200Cataract Surgery for 5 patients
$ 300Vaccines for 100 children
$ 500Supplies for medical camps
$ 1000Surgical procedures at medical camps
$ 2000-5000Purchase medical equipment

AmountFood, Shelter & Education
$ 50Feed 25 people
$ 150Provide warm clothes for 7-10 people
$ Any AmountMakes a Big Difference